Natural skincare brands: the ones you should try

The natural and organic beauty market is due to reach $24 billion by 2024, nearly double its current size. This shows that there is an increasing interest in natural products and this not happening just in the cosmetic industry, let’s think for example to the biodegradable market.
It is not a surprise that natural skincare brands are very sought after at the moment, especially now that we are starting to realise the devastating effect of the human interventions in nature, such as the mortal effect of plastic bags.

Natural skincare brands: what does it mean?

As we become more environmentally conscious we progressively rely on brands that advocate being nature-friendly. In fact, we love natural skincare brands because their products are able to nurture our skin with the right ingredients and we can trust that their ingredients are non-toxic and harmful.

We open GlamourFlare in 2014 with the aim of selling natural products only. In fact, we strongly believe that using skincare products made from active ingredients of natural products is the best treatment for our skin, that will look healthier and younger. In addition to that, we only sell animal friendly and environmentally safe products.

5 recommended natural skincare brands

All the brands we would like to recommend are Korean brands because they specialise in using natural ingredients combined with advanced technology to obtain more beneficial products. Take a look at our top 5.

Cosrx: this is one K-beauty cult brand and in fact, it is one of our best seller too. Our customers love Cosrx because it provides great value for money. First of all the concentration of active ingredients is very high. Secondly everyone is instantly captured by their plain and basic packaging that screams: “We focus on quality ingredients, we don’t need to show off”.

Benton: the mission of the company is to transform you in Benjamin Button, the main character of that movie where as the time progresses he becomes younger and younger. In fact, the company focuses on healthy natural ingredients able to restore the skin for a fresh look.

LANEIGE: this company is unbeatable when it comes to concentration of natural ingredients, in fact, guess what is the main based product of the company? Water is the answer. LANEIGE has been developing for over 20 years the so called Water Science™ to utilise ionised water to hydrate the skin.

Nature Republic: the company tagline says it all, they desire to share the energy derived from nature with everyone at a reasonable price. Nature Republic is particularly known for the aloe vera based miraculous products which are also multi-purpose.

Innisfree: this company uses 70% of natural ingredients in its products, plus it is truly active in green campaigns around the world, such as the one to recycle plastic bottles. Innisfree uses eco-friendly containers and gives 1% of its annual profit to their neighbours.

As evident from what you have read, buying natural skincare brands represent an investment for your health and skin, but also a big contribution to the environment.

What is your favourite natural product? Leave a comment!


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